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CO2 emission reduction

2Loadingeiciency-12%CO reduction (2012-2016)2EcocombisIntermodalshipmentsEuro VI TrucksLNG Kg's View more facts & figures

2016: Economic recovery driving growth

€ 0 € 10,000,000
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Total EBIT

€ 6,900,000
€ 200,000,000 € 280,000,000
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Total turnover

€ 276,000,000

Our focus...

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Responsible employment

Our focus Vos Logistics seeks to offer its employees a safe and inspirational workplace, with a stimulating balance of professional challenges and job satisfaction. We do so by creating the right conditions to optimize personal development: safe working conditions, good labor relations, incentives and opportunities for personal growth and individual initiatives, and good business practices. We encourage and promote career mobility by way of job rotation within the company.
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Value of service

Our focus Our Values Of Service represent what Vos Logistics stands for and provide guidance for all processes within our organization. They support the transparency of our communication, both internally and externally with customers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, they help to continuously improve vital elements of our business. Vos Logistics also introduced an Ethical Code this year. It underlines the company’s commitment to creating a safe, social and responsible working environment aimed at doing business in a respectful and sustainable way.
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Reduced environmental impact

Our focus We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. We set ourselves specific goals in this area and at the same time help our customers to realize theirs. When developing new products and services we opt for “green” logistics services and technologies that reduce both our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption.
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Stakeholders opinion

Our focus A materiality analysis is an important aspect of integrated reporting. It identifies those issues that affect Vos Logistics’ ability to create value in the short, medium and long term and that are important to its stakeholders.

Vos Logistics recognizes five stakeholder groups: customers, staff, suppliers, society and shareholders. We have identified these groups in accordance with the value chain and impact analysis relevant to our activities.

We checked the material themes with stakeholders in February 2017. A number of stakeholders from each group were requested to score all 14 strategic themes from 1-10 (not important – very important). The table below shows Vos Logistics’ most importance strategic themes according to the stakeholder groups. We will use the outcome of the materiality analysis as a reporting framework, as a guideline for strategic decision-making and as a source of dialogue with our stakeholders.
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Business activities

Our focus


Cargo (Mega & High Volume): the international transport of full truck loads and part loads with mega trailers, CuBoLiners®, swap bodies and CuBoTainers® for high volume transport and mobile storage. With some 155,000 shipments a year, Vos Logistics is a leading carrier in Europe particularly active in the automotive, FMCG, packaging, personal care, apparel and construction industries

Bulk: the international transport, storage and handling of mainly dry bulk goods (both granulates and powders). The products include chemicals, foodstuffs, animal feed, starch, minerals and waste. The services include differentiated multimodal concepts (rail and road combinations), site-to-site transport, silo storage and handling as well as tank cleaning.

Vos Logistics operates a mix of its own transport capacity with fixed and flexible charters in combination with multimodal transport modules. This way it can respond effectively to the dynamics of shippers in terms of both volume and destinations.


Warehousing: dedicated and shared warehousing and value added logistics (e.g. repacking, labeling, assembly, repair and building displays).

Regional distribution: business-to-business and consumer deliveries (FTL to parcel) including customer-specific solutions such as home delivery & installation, furniture assemblies, hospital deliveries and full supply chain solutions.

Bulk solutions: dedicated and customized transport, silo and packed storage and value added services such as repacking, blending, drying and EFTCO tank cleaning.

International freight forwarding & management: organizing the global carriage of our customers’ goods (FTLs, part loads and groupage).
Profile in key numbers International Transport Logistic Solutions
Turnover 2016 (x 1,000 euro) 169,000 107,000
FTEs* 1,430 780
Group-owned and operated truck capacity 755 295
Group-owned loadings units capacity 2,850 525
Warehouse (m2) 190,000
EBIT 3,500 3,500
* including temporary employees
Rounded numbers
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Transparent reporting

Our focus Vos Logistics prepared its 2014 integrated annual report in accordance with the GRI G4 framework for sustainability reporting (application level ‘ core’ ) to the extent that the relevant guidelines are applicable to our activities.
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To customers, partners and employees

From the board The economic recovery continued in 2016, and despite social developments feeding uncertainty, the lights are also on green for 2017. This, along with our own commercial efforts and quality of services, was reflected in a significant increase in transport and storage volumes. Additional business in all our activities, from both established and new customers, contributed to this development. After adjustment for fuel price fluctuations our turnover was up almost 8% to over €276 million.

We invested in our people, equipment, infrastructure, business processes and innovations in 2016 to strengthen our proposition in the market. Our workforce grew by 200 people. We also prioritized the digitization of business procedures and information systems. We introduced on line performance dashboards for customers in order to monitor our service quality and analyze root causes for improvement. To improve communication with drivers, we introduced the Vos Logistics Driver Portal providing drivers vital information while they are on the road, an app with a scanning function so that CMRs are available shortly after shipment deliveries. We continuously invest to offer our customers better services to develop their businesses and reduce costs. Digitization of operations in our trucks and warehouses and at our offices in the year ahead will be key in this development.

These quality investments together with improvements in working conditions on the road and employment terms and conditions inevitably led to higher costs, which we were not able to pass on in full in our rates. This had an impact on the result for the year but it demonstrates our philosophy of doing things well or not doing them at all. In combination with a sharp jump in diesel prices EBIT for the year was accordingly nearly 20% lower at €6.9 million.
Contours of a focused organization emerging
In keeping with our strategy, we further enhanced the operational organization of our core activities in 2016. 
We continued to strengthen our International Transport activities, where revenue growth came to 11%. In 2017, our international transport operations, including administrative settlement, ICT infrastructure and support, will have been transferred to Romania and Poland. The commercial teams will continue to operate from various locations in Europe that are close to our customers.

The specialized, dedicated International Transport organization will continue to lift the quality of our services, increase our responsiveness and make us more cost efficient. It will strengthen our ability to stand out in a volatile competitive market for the service excellence we offer European shippers.

Our Solutions organization specializing in customized and dedicated logistics & transport solutions, operates chiefly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Its good performance was confirmed by 10% growth and validated our ever-stronger development of added value logistics services to complement International Transport.

At both International Transport and Solutions we are creating opportunities for innovation to drive further profitable growth. Innovations during the year included our low-deck LNG trucks for international mega trailer transport, the Ecocombi international and Ecocombi XL, multimodal transport using CuBoLiners®, xx CuBoTainers®, and our full-service home delivery services.
Appreciation as an employer
In our 2016 staff satisfaction survey we were given an average score of 7.2, a higher figure than in the previous survey and better than the industry average. We are proud of the outcome, but even more inspired to continue our focus on creating a good and inspiring working environment for our staff. We want to continue attracting and retaining good people, both drivers and logistics experts who will serve our customers to the greatest possible extent.

The safety of our people comes first. We will therefore continue to invest in safety and quality processes and in equipment and maintenance.
In sum
We have laid down a clear business model to underpin our controlled growth. Our challenge is to constantly improve ourselves and what we do in order to strengthen our position on the market. We are bursting with ambition to make smart use of the capabilities we boast and the opportunities that arise. We are on the right course and will continue on the same route, step by step and with enterprise and drive, in 2017.

We would like to thank everyone who again worked to the best of their abilities last year to achieve the best possible result: in the first place, our own people and the partners with whom we work, of course. But we must also thank our customers for the confidence they placed in us. At the end of the day, they form the departure point and the destination of our story.

Board of Management of Vos Logistics

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